Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

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Computer woes

Well it's been threatening to die for months now. Today my 40G hard drive finally packed it in. I thought "Aha! No problem - I'll just install Windows on my 160G drive instead". Unfortunately Windows Setup decided that the 160GB drive was too big and refused to install. >v< So I've been stuck without a computer for most of the day. I stole a bit of time on Stephen's Mac (eww) and I'm finally sitting in front of a Sunray because Stephen came home and fixed the Sparc. ovo

Not to worry, though. My dad said I could have the 80GB drive out of the "Media Box" I built a couple of years ago (and has since been superseded). Tomorrow morning I get to rebuild Windows. Yay! :P At least I've had plenty of practice at it.
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