Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Flat stuff

Flat requirements
* Close to train or busway station
* Walking distance to supermarket
* No more than 20 min travel time to city
* Must allow pets

Shopping list
* Washing machine (pref F&P, pref >5.5kg load)
* Dryer (pref F&P)
* Microwave (no special req)
* Fridge (as long as it can fit a pizza box I'm happy)
* Toasted sandwich maker (Stephen's Brevelle has been good)
* Toaster? (low priority)
* Kettle
* Full set of cutlery
* Full set of crockery
* Frying pan
* Chopping boards
* Food processor (low priority)
* Espresso machine
* Iron (low priority)
* Two-seater couch
* DVD storage
* Kitten (1 or 2) plus food, litter etc
* Internet access
* Broadband router/switch/firewall/WAP
* Telephone(?)
* Cable TV(?) or digital set top box
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