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Waking up on time

I came across an interesting phenomenon this morning. I was asleep, dreaming about cricket, when I felt this really strong, sudden urge that I needed to wake up. I thought to myself, "I bet it's less than a minute before my alarm goes off". I opened my eyes, looked at the time and I was right! 6:14am.

That's really bizarre. Firstly, it's happened before, even when I haven't had my alarm set. Secondly, it's Monday morning, so it's not as if my body clock is in the habit of waking up at this exact time. Normally I set my alarm for 6:20 and it wasn't set over the weekend.

I googled and found this article which might explain it:

(Jan Born appears to be legit.)

I'm almost tempted to phone Dr Karl this Thursday to ask the question.
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