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*laughs* On a topic unrelated to this post, the slogan for LJ Talk is "Instant Messaging. Instant Drama."

I'm working from 8 til 6 today and tomorrow so that I can clock up 4 hours which I'll take off Friday afternoon so that I can help prepare for the housewarming. What's surprising is how productive I've been today. I've found the most software bugs today since I started here. I've been here 9.5 hours already and I don't mind working another 30 minutes. (I'm just waiting for a test run to complete. Ah, there it is.)

Krispy Kremes waiting for me at home and I still don't mind working a little later than usual.

I thought I needed a decent amount of sleep (8 hours) to stop from being tired and cranky the following day, but I only had about 5 or 6 last night. I also had some caffeine, which I thought tended to make me sleep worse.

I need more books for my new bookcase at work. I just added a book I had signed today by Dr Karl! Wooo! I am such a nerd! 8>
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