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Morning routine

I decided to try working on my morning routine today:
* Wake up (always an important first step).
* Take Finn1 outside.
* Feed cats.
* Feed self.
* Tell Finn "no" this is not his food. Repeat until finished eating.
* Feed Finn. (It's important to establish the hierarchy in this house.)
* Say hi to birds (AKA find out why Nara is screaming today).
* Take a shower (before Stephen wakes up).
* Clean teeth (I need to do this more often).
* Get dressed (v. important).
* Take Finn outside for walkies / ball chasing (and try not to lose the tennis ball over the fence in future).
* Post to LiveJournal! (optional)
* Leave for work.

In other news, I managed to get some time on at work (well you know how getting holidays is called "getting time off"? Well I decided to turn a week of my holidays into work days). The reason being is that while I'll enjoy the break between Christmas and New Years, I think the following week is just a waste since I'll most likely be sitting at home bored. This way I'll be able to use those vacation days later in the year when I can organise a proper "going away" holiday.

1. Finn is a border collie we're fostering for two weeks.
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