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Statseeker at Kingston Park Raceway

I went go-karting for the first time ever today! Work shouted us the whole day at Kingston Park Raceway plus drinks and lunch. We got a practice race plus five races and two more "just for fun". We were keeping score for the run of five races; there was 17 of us on the board.

I won a trophy! :D

...unfortunately it was the "Mr Magoo Award" for coming last out of the five races. Augh! My best lap was four seconds slower than the next slowest person. My suckitude; it is epic.

The problem is that I'm a complete pansy. I took the corners far too slow and didn't even come close to push the kart to its limits. I skidded my back tyres out maybe two or three times the entire day. I did almost lose control about three times, but I never hit the wall and avoided hitting other karts (but I got rammed up the ass twice).

For the third race I was randomly given pole position, much to the bemusement of everyone else. XD The CEO said he'd double my salary if I moved off to the left. XD After that race started, pretty much everyone raced on past me. :P

In the final race, we were organised according to our position on the leaderboard. Fortunately, I was right at the back. The person in front of me took off just after the race started and I didn't see her again for the entire race. I pretty much had a clear run of the track for most of the race. On the second-to-last lap, the frontrunner caught up to me to lap me and he said I was doing better - he had to wait for two corners before he passed me. XD

I may have been somewhat grumpy about sucking so much but overall I enjoyed the day and I'd probably do it again. I just need to grow a backbone. :P

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