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I love random conversations out here

"Hello sir and welcome to Micro Center! Did you find everything that you were looking for?"
"Yeah, sure."
"How are you?"
"Uhh, I have a bit of a cold."
"You know. Cold. I've got the flu or something."
"Oh, okay. Swipe your card."
"Can I have your name please?"
"Okay, Whyrl. And your address?"
"Uhh, it's in Australia."
"... Well, I guess that won't work then. Australia, huh? I guess that explains why I couldn't understand you at first."
"Huh, yeah."
"So what brings you to Kansas?"
"... I don't know."
"Yeah. Well it's really cold out here."
"Actually, I'm enjoying the cold. It's really hot back home in Australia, they're having a heat wave."
"Yeah, it's really warm. This is a good change for me."
"Okay. Have a nice day sir."
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