Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Lessons learned on my trip

  • Manhattan is awesome.
  • Manhattan's subway system is even awesomer.
  • I can't spell "Manhattan".
  • Layers!
  • Layers are annoying to dress and undress. How do people put up with real winters??
  • I prefer latte over flat white.
  • San Francisco has red light cameras. >_>
  • It's been far too long since I last rode a pushbike.
  • "Scaly" fursuits are rare, and some people are really excited to see them.
  • Having a WHYRLGRYPH at GMAIL account is a great idea and I should've created it years ago!
  • Central Park is awesome in the snow.
  • My ginger cat is definitely a feral kitty who can look after himself. =D
  • I miss my ginger kitty when I'm away.
  • Don't take the US101 if you can avoid it (a lesson that I took way too long to learn).
  • Fondue is great. Chocolate fondue is awesome.
  • Most New Yorkers are apathetic bordering on rude, but a few are really helpful and friendly.
  • Apple Store poses a threat to your wallet.
  • B & H Photo and Video poses an even greater threat to your wallet!
  • B&H Photo is awesome and they have a motorized cart system and they're staffed by helpful and friendly Jews. Plus they're awesome.
  • Further Confusion 2012 will be at the convention centre across the road from the Fairmont.
  • Going to FC next year would be dumb and expensive and eat up more vacation time and Rose won't be there and I'm going to go anyway.
  • Parts of San Francisco smell muddy and weird.
  • Sonoma County is still awesome.
  • I can actually use my G12 camera in manual mode now.
  • G12 has a "magic" button which picks (what it thinks are) correct aperture and speed settings.
  • G12 is firmware-hackable and I need to try it.
  • You're allowed two carry-on items on flights.
  • iPhone 4 is still carrier-locked in the US (grrgrr).
  • My iPhone 3G is painfully slow and needs to be replaced (at some point).
  • Pandora is awesome.
  • Bluetooth headphones are made of win. =D
  • JFK airport is even worse than LAX.
  • Delta is a crappy airline.
  • The Stag's Head is an awesome bar.
  • I'm possibly more of a dork than I realized. >_>
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Iphone 4 will be picked up by verizon in 8 more days :P
Yeah, but I bet you any money that it'll be locked to Verizon, which still wouldn't have helped me. =P Want unlocked iPhone4, dammit! Or possibly an iPhone 5. >_>
Ahh, that part I don't know. I'll keep an eye out for them to open it to other carriers.
Next year, seriously, stick to SouthWest for in-country hops. =^.^=

And if ya' got 'tagged' by a California red-light camera, 95% of those tickets can be flat-out ignored for various reasons I can step through if ya' or Rose need details. *hugs* They're everything but actually illegal, so most of them are 'fishing expedition' non-tickets. :P
I liked flying with SouthWest last year. Cheap but cheerful! Rose decided to fly with Delta this trip for the frequent flyer miles, so I entirely blame her. ;)

Kreggan hasn't received any ticket in the mail yet and it happened over a week ago, plus there was another car in the other lane slightly behind me, so I figure I'm safe anyway. Plus I'm not 100% sure I got flashed anyway.
Delta IS a crappy airline, and I'm surprised that they're still in business.

I'm glad to see that Sonoma County is still awesome. I used to live there. :>
Manhattan's subway system is even awesomer.

It's very very good, innit? Boston and DC not so bad either, but NYC is.. stellar.

iPhone 4 is still carrier-locked in the US (grrgrr).

Unlikely to change, that.

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