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1 down, 1 to go; bus nazi; freakiness

Penultimate exam down today (for Computer Graphics). I finished it half an hour early, or perhaps I should say, I "froze" it half an hour early. :P Part of one question (worth 8 marks) I had no clue how to do, and I couldn't be bothered checking through my answers, but that's fairly typical. I only need 60% or less in that exam in order to get top marks for that class anyway. *shrug*

The bus I caught from the city to campus had a driver checking everyone's tickets, including mine. The crappy thing is that I had the right ticket, but the first bus I'd caught had mislabelled my ticket, so I had to cough up another 90c (or as Hawthorn would say, $0.0009 in real money) to the "bus nazi". :p That was the end of my 3-zone ticket though and since my student card expires at the end of the month I used my 2-zone and 1-zone concession tickets in combination on the way back. That'll trick 'em. Hehe. :P Actually, it works out to be about the same as if I'd bought a ticket from the driver, but since I've already paid for those tickets then I might as well use them up while I still can.

As I was leaving GP South building (the ITEE building) I spotted my old lecturer from 1st semester 2000 who'd taken the 2nd-year Electrical Engineering course. He had a very strong accent, so it was difficult to understand him, and the class material was already very dry, so I found the course very difficult. I think it may even be the cause of my narcoleptic habits. He'd caught me sleeping in his lectures a few times. In fact, there were several people that'd fall asleep during his lectures. :p

But if that class had been taken by someone more interesting, who knows where I'd be today. I might not have dropped out of CSE. I just thought that was kinda freaky since that could quite possibly be the last time I set foot in GP South. It was sorta strange having him tail me out of there.

Edit: Narcoleptic, not narcissistic. :P Stupid English language.
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