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My dad brought home a Belkin wireless keyboard/mouse set last night and asked me to try it out. :D The keyboard was great! It had this nifty built-in wrist rest thing, and it typed well. There were a few problems with it, though. There weren't any LEDs for Caps Lock, Num Lock, etc, so the bundled software cluttered the system tray with icons to show that instead, which I disliked (although they can be turned off anyway). And the 'Enter' key was a different shape to what I'm used to, so I kept hitting the '\|' key. Grr. But other than that the keyboard was fine.

The mouse had a pretty good profile, and it had a scroll wheel too, but it was trackball, and I'd prefer an optical for my next mouse. Plus the receiver connected into the PS/2 ports, not USB, so the mouse responsiveness was pretty crappy. Although I bet the fact that it was wireless had an impact too. So I didn't like the mouse much.

Still, for AU$50 it was pretty good value.

Of course, it wasn't ours to keep. It was for one of dad's customers, so it's gone now. Incidentally, it took some time getting it going with Win2k but it worked 'out of the box' with RedHat 9. Go figure.

I want a wireless keyboard now. Maybe a wireless optical USB mouse would perform better too.
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