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Vibra sucks!

Well one thing's for sure: I'm not wasting $40 on a Vibra 128! Sure, it did make an instant "improvement" to my system, at least in terms of amplifier (I now only have to turn the software volume up to 2 instead of 10 to get the same actual volume), but the actual sound quality sucks. It sounds so hollow. :p

And I'm still getting noise on my speakers. I suspect now it's because I'm using the USB line for power. I guess I'll have to get new speakers or something.

Hrrr...I do have a set of port-powered speakers. Hrm.

...Okay, I can't hear any noise on them, but I've turned the volume up to max everything and there's no chance it'll keep anyone in the next room awake at night. ;> *facewings* Even for a track like Du Hast. ;> Mmmm...subwoofer material.

I need an SB Live to borrow and test in my machine. Hrr. If it's the same sound quality as the Vibra then my money is better spent elsewhere. :P
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