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National Flag

Nestlebrook Decides:

Genetics Brings New Life to Extinct Species

The Issue

Scientists have announced they are close to a breakthrough in their quest to revive the feather-bellied wedgetailed eagle, a species related to Nestlebrook's national animal that has been extinct for more than a century.
The Debate

  1. "I, for one, applaud their work," says scientist Buy Utopia. "And not just because I'm the project leader. This is an example of how Nestlebrook's brains can mix it with the world's best. Can you imagine how wonderful it will be to have feather-bellied wedgetailed eagles frolicking in the meadows again? I say full steam ahead, and more government funding!"

  2. "This is a sacriledge!", says religious leader Freddy Washington. "These animals are extinct because God wants them dead. Cloning them would merely incur his wrath! If we proceed down this path, it'll be humans, not the feather-bellied wedgetailed eagle, who will be extinct."

  3. "Now, come on," says George W. Spirit, well-known philosopher. "You don't need to be religious to be unnerved by the top of this particular slippery slope. Today it's wedgetailed eagles, tomorrow it's dinosaurs, and we all know how that turns out. This research shouldn't be banned, but there must be strict government controls over its use."

(Yes, NationStates have FINALLY brought in new issues .... right after the last person I knew that had a nation got idlepurged.) :P

National Flag

Nestlebrook Decides:

Nestlebrook Looks to the Stars

Government Acts

The Issue

The recent popularity of a science-fiction TV show has prompted calls for Nestlebrook to develop its own space program.</p>
The Debate

  1. "Don't tell me space colonies wouldn't be cool," says excited fifth-grade teacher Chastity Chicago, still wearing big Spock ears from his last convention. "Think of how they would galvanize the national population! And there would also be some kind of scientific benefit, probably.
    This is the position your government is preparing to adopt.

  2. "The project certainly is feasible, but very expensive," says Nestlebrook Space Agency Head Charles Dodinas. "We could make it less of a burden on the taxpayers if we sought funding from private industry -- advertisements on the side of our rockets, selling contracts to the Arms Manufacturing industry, that kind of thing."

  3. "If God had meant Man to fly, he would have give us solid rocket boosters instead of legs," says religious type Freddy Broadside. "We should not be looking to the stars, but rather inside our own hearts. That's why we should abandon this so-called space program, and instead make the teaching of religion mandatory in all schools."

    The Government Position

    The government has indicated its intention to follow the recommendations of Option 1.

    Issue by: The Federation of Sentient Peoples.

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