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I wrote a story this evening! XD

I splattered roast pan thingamies all over the kitchen wall when I took the roast out of the oven this evening, transferred it to a rack to cool, then started scraping the pan for gravy purposes. I've been really out of it today, but it's just been one of those days.

I had a really busy day yesterday. Job programming test thingie for a programmer position opening. What the hell do you call that, anyway? It's not a job interview, because I get (or not get) the interview based on how well I did in the test. Technical ability assessment. Something, anyway. I was late to the test because I couldn't find the building. They gave me the C programming test first. It was hard, but I think I did pretty well on that. I had no hope with the C++ test, and it went downhill from there. :P Linux user mode programming, Linux kernel programming, serial comms. Bleah.

I've got a snowball's chance in hell with that one, but it was worth it for the experience.

Afterwards, I went into uni and borrowed out Coomb's Printed Circuits Handbook. With an expired student card! XD I can't believe that. I went in, knowing that my library account was still active. I wanted to use the automated loans machine to check out the book, but it was out of order, so I sheepishly approached the loans desk. She scanned my card, scanned the book, it beeped, she said take your receipt and left! XD I took my receipt and tried not to look too amused as I left the library. :> And then I bought a $1 sausage from the Formula-SAE team (rival to atpaw's team).

On my way back home I dropped into Officeworks and picked up a new resume folder thingama. My old thingama has "Student Portfolio" on the front of it and I figured that's the wrong message to send to potential employers. :> So I got a pretty blue one .... for $19. :P

Oh, and yesterday afternoon just as I was going upstairs with a drink I saw a woman in our front yard grab a cockatoo out of our front garden. ovO Weirdness.
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