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17 days, 18 nights in Sydney

Okay, well as gaurigrif pointed out, I did promise to clean up my earlier post about my trip to Sydney, so here goes.

Yesterday around noon, Dad called me up asking if I knew anyone in Sydney who was available for a two week job, or if I was interested. I said I was. Quickly had a think about it and couldn't see any reason not to go. :>

The job is helping install Win2k on 60 PCs at a location in Sydney's CBD. I'll be working with a fellow junior engineer, and there'll be someone supervising me which will be good, cos I don't know anything about MS Exchange server. :P

I'm flying down there tonight at 7pm, arriving 8:30pm. Hopefully Gryf will be there to pick me up from the airport, otherwise I'll just catch a taxi.

The biggest hurdle was finding a place to stay on such short notice. Kalzak and Gryf had both offered a couple of weeks ago to put me up if I happened to land a job in Sydney, cos I told them I was looking for work down there. Kalzak doesn't log on all that frequently but Gryf logs on most nights and he did so last night. I caught up with him and he seemed willing to put me up, so that's nice of him. :> The tentative plan is to stay with him for the first week, then I'll head up to Newcastle for the weekend of the 20th then stay with Kalzak for the remainder of my visit (if I can get in touch with him). *leaves p#mail on FurryMuck*

I'm all packed and ready to go. Dad said he'll come pick me up at 5, which is an hour from now. I hope I haven't forgotten to pack anything. :P I'm going to be keeping a written journal (RealJournal!) even if I can't update my LiveJournal frequently (or at all). Maybe I'll get some writing done. ;>

So, the short of it is that I'm going to be gone until the 29th. Take care, everyone!

(There's an amount of irony in the fact that my flight happens to be today, of all days.)
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