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Day One

Blah. Forgotten my password for box. No mucks for me!

I shouldn't have had that toasted sandwich at Brisbane airport. My Virgin airlines flight to Sydney was turbulent all the way (apologies in advance for any instaces of the missig letter 'n' in this post). Maybe I should't have had that bottle of Lift before my flight either. Citric acid and flying don't mix well for me. :p

There's a lot I could say about my journey here but I'll save it for later I guess. Tired and want to crawl into bed. Feeling ill too.

Out on the tarmac at Brisbane airport was pretty. Full moon over the tarmac, lights of a refinery, or maybe a port, mmm...orange glow. And Mars! Yay!

Trying to think straight with a headache is like trying to think straight with a headache. You just can't think straight.

Gryf managed to find me at Sydney airport before I found him. Admittedly I wasn't sure what he looked like. I guess I was easy to pick out: the guy at the baggage claim looking lost, wearing shorts and a pelican t-shirt. Hrm. :P

So yeah, it was neat I didn't have to catch a taxi. And Buran would approve of Gryf's car. It's a VW Polo SE. ;>


I had no problems getting to work this morning. In fact I was fifteen minutes early. :> And the guy I met up with was ten minutes late. :p

In the morning, Sydney reminded me of what a New Zealand town would have if it had five million people living in it. This evening after work, as I was making my way through town for the bus stop, it reminded me of The Matrix. :p Too many freaking people.

Okay, I gotta go. This storm's getting kinda close.

About noon I started feeling nauseous, and I stayed nauseous all afternoon and into the evening. Might be coming down with something. :/ I'll prolly take this weekend easy.

Bought $20 of groceries on my way home. :> Yay breakfast cereal! And lunch stuff! And painkillers!

Ta for now. :>
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