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Spoon Boy!

This weekend kicked tailfeather. :>

Last day of work

For my last day of work I decided to try and avoid any office politics by jumping straight into work and trying to get as many users switched over as possible. There were ten left to go. Five of those were regular users, the other five were on the “do last” list.

I managed to get through three of them pretty quickly. One per hour. I took a half hour break for lunch and had a nice ham and eggplant foccacia. :> I guess I got through them too quickly since we were on to the “last to do” list and I couldn’t really do any of them that afternoon. I did get sent upstairs to figure out why someone couldn’t read a PDF file on the new system but it could be read under the old. It turned out that the file had been encoded using an old version of Adobe Writer (3.x) and Adobe 6.0 had probably deprecated some of its features.

I called the Indicium guy up and arranged to meet up with him after work for drinks or whatever. Unfortunately I thought Indicium was located in the next building over (I heard one of them saying he was working over in the next building – must’ve just been for that day or whatever). My coworker corrected me by saying it was in Belmain! I had no idea where that was, so I called up and asked where they were located, and he said it was best to catch a taxi.


I didn’t want to shell out for a taxi and I still had my weekly bus pass so I decided to catch a bus. That was a bit of a mistake. ;> I got to tour around several suburbs of Sydney, but it took an hour and a half! As I said, I had no idea where Belmain was or even whereabouts in Belmain Indicium was located. I called again and tried to get directions, and didn’t deny that I was catching a taxi.

I thought we were getting pretty close to where I was supposed to get off the bus, so I asked the driver where Robert Street was. He uhmed and ahhed for a moment, then said I should’ve gotten off “back there”. He asked if I was in a hurry. I said no. He said to take a seat and he’d take me back. He was quite a character, actually! He was talking to pedestrians and other cars, insulting them, and saying that’s how he got through his day.

I got another call from the Indicium guy. I told him I was “stuck in traffic”. The bus driver made a waving motion with his hand, and I added that I’d taken a tour of Belmain. I think he almost bought my story. ;> I wished the bus driver a pleasant evening and attempted to get to Indicium within ten minutes, because that’s how long I had before the guy left work.

It was fun flying by the seat of my pants like that! I ran down Robert Street, then chirped with a jogger and asked if she knew where Suchandsuch Place was. She said she did, and pointed me in the direction to go. I thanked her and wished her a good night, then took off. I found the street, then doubled back when I realised I’d run right by the building! I finally found Indicium and said hello.

The Indicium guy said he had to go to a meeting in the city, so he offered to drop me off. We did talk a bit about what my plans were, and he offered me some tips, but also said he hadn’t done software development in years. He pointed out Darling Harbour and said there were some new cafes that were great places to eat. He asked what my plans were. I said dinner and a drink sounded good, so he dropped me off there.

Darling Harbour/Blackbird Café

I found a really neat place to have dinner. Blackbird Café! (Can’t imagine why that name grabbed my attention.;>) The menu looked promising too. I decided to wander around a bit more before making a final decision on dinner.

I wandered around to the other side of the harbour and caught sight of a particularly memorable fountain (I have a photo of myself taken in the centre of it when I was eight years old). It was a spooky feeling. :>

Further along I hit the shopping centre and wandered around inside to see what was open. I spotted a souvenir shop and went inside because the display of plush Australian birds caught my eye, and then the t-shirts. They had my wedgetail shirt there in both colours (red and black), a couple of bald eagle shirts, and….another wedgie shirt!! :D This one’s called “stalking eagle”. I’ll have to get a shot or two of it and post it up here. :> The shop assistant said I could try it on if I wanted, so I put it on – and decided I wasn’t walking out of that shop without wearing it!

I told him I had a shirt “just like the one over there”. He said those shirts do get around. (Texas, anyone?;>) He showed me the “secret mirror” and I spent a couple minutes admiring the shirt. Then I picked up a little souvenir for a friend, paid and took off!

Whyrl: Hahaha! I am spoon boy! XD @ blackbirdcafe.com.au
Bingo: O.o? Spoon boy? Do i get an explaination? =,
Whyrl: Guy at the counter asked if I wanted a spoon, so he gave me a teaspoon. XD Great pizza n music here! Pity I’m alone. :P

Unfortunately I’d left the teaspoon out on the table and it got cleared away with my empty plate of salami pizza and rum ‘n’ coke glass. I finished with a hot chocolate and bathed in the techno music. I’ll definitely have to bring some friends next time. The prices were quite good too!

Saturday morning

I spent Saturday morning tidying up my stuff and I extended my stay for an extra week with the intention of jobhunting while I’m down here, since it’d be harder to look for work in Sydney once I’m back in Brisbane. Gryf had a friend staying over for the weekend, hence the tidy up.


It was noon before I finally left for Westmead. I was supposed to be there at 1pm. :P Fortunately I was only half an hour late, and they hadn’t started yet anyway. The afternoon we played Tekumel, which is a type of RPG that I don’t think has been published yet. My character for the afternoon was a renowned duelist, and you can read the session log.

During the evening we ate pizza and watched Outlaw Star, an anime series that looks really neat. Then the order of the evening was crappy movies: Ninja Terminator, The Brain From Planet Rouse, Sinbad’s Seventh Voyage, and Killer Aliens From Space. I’d been nodding off all day, and those last two movies were no exception!

My host’s friends were yakking and yakking on, and all I wanted to do was sleep. It was 12:30am before I finally got to sleep

Chinese Garden

I caught the train back to Central. En route, a whole bunch of people disembarked to go to Stadium Australia to watch the NZ Warriors take on the Penrith Panthers. Unfortunately, the Panthers won. :p

Sayh recommended that I visit the Chinese Garden, and while I was skeptical when I entered, by the time I left I was very satisfied with my visit. It was very calming in there, and there were neat birds (lots of currawongs and some other birds).

Sydney walkabout

It was time for lunch, and I wandered around with a craving for a cheeseburger. The McD’s at Darling Harbour was too chockers, so I walked all the way up to The Rocks. I wandered by the Sydney Observatory and decided to take a look for myself. I entered hesitantly because I didn’t want to fork out any money. They told me where all the exhibits were and so I browsed through those.

I heard some people talking and went upstairs…right into the middle of a tour! I was just having a peek at the telescope, and the tour guide instructed myself and an elderly couple to come up the stairs into the room because he was going to back-project the Sun to look at sunspots. There were some particularly nice sunspots, too! And I didn’t have to pay! XD

I wandered off again for lunch, intent on having it at the same McDonald’s I’d had lunch with my friends back in ’97 on my Snowies tour. :> I even ordered the same meal! A medium Fillet o’Fish meal, except I had Coke rather than Fanta. I was too slow in asking for Fanta. Oh well. And I didn’t get the same table either since there was some street performance on.

I was hoping to catch the bus afterwards to visit Manly, maybe wander around the beach, go to the aquarium, and go to a club to watch the Warriors wipe Stadium Australia with the Panthers, but alas that was not to be. ;>

I was waiting to catch a bus to Manly but I’d misread the timetable so I wasted an hour in walking to the bus stop, waiting for it to arrive, then giving up and wandering to the ferry station. It would’ve cost me $12 to catch the ferry to Manly and back but that was about all I had on me so I skipped that idea. It was getting windy and cold so I caught the bus back home.

Finding Nemo

Gryf had a hen friend over and we spent an hour just watching TV before he decided that we should see Finding Nemo at the cinema around the corner (I must be one of the last few people to see it!). I loved the birds in that film. :> I thought it was pretty funny at times. Not hilarious, though, but I didn’t feel that I’d wasted my money or anything.

Finished the day with watching Amelie, finally.

Definitely a very enjoyable weekend all ‘round. :>

(*bites LJ* Update, dammit! GRRRR.)
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