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Sydney: Special Extended Edition

Two of the reasons I extended my stay in Sydney were:
  • Test the water for job opportunities and see if I get any bites.
  • Chase up more of my friends here, in particular hoping to luck out and catch up with iolarnula on a weekend.

I've had mixed success with job searching here. Well, "success" is a rather dubious word to use in this instance, since I've yet to be successful in landing a job. However, I have had three more interviews in Sydney than in Brisbane. That is to say that I've had three interviews in Sydney. :p But I believe I've polished up my job seeking technique, which is a positive.

I tried to find out where one of my old high school buddies is staying here (University of Sydney, apparently). I never got a response on that one unfortunately.

I did however get to spend another hour with Ciúin today. :>

It was about a 2.5km walk to the park from where I'm staying and I must say it was quite an enjoyable walk. :> I really do like walking, although my legs don't always agree with me (they have a thing or two to say to me right now!). When I arrived at the park I took a spot under shady trees and applied sunscreen as appropriate. I'd have been fried otherwise.

I wasn't entirely sure where Ciúin was playing although I did pick the right corner of the park. I wandered over to a pavillion looking for a water fountain and noticed the roster sheet which happily informed me that I was sitting in the right spot after all. At half time during Ciúin's game she SMSed me and I wandered over to say hello. I started to take notice of the game at that point, dragging me away from a very funny Pratchett novel.

After the game we walked to Bondi Junction train station (neither of us really knew where it was but we ended up taking a fairly direct route - no thanks to uncooperative traffic lights) and I accompanied her to Central, talking about several topics but mostly centred around careers with some mention of Sydney and random chirpchat as well. As surprising as this may sound to my Brisbane friends but I did contribute to the conversation! Not quite enough to avoid a couple of awkward silences, but I'll try to work on that. ;>

I did lug around a backpack with me all day. It turned out that I seriously overpacked. I could almost have gotten away with no backpack (maybe one of those small belt bags if I had one with me in Sydney). I guess that's what prompted Ciúin to ask what my plans were for the day. To be honest, I had none, but I guess I was prepared in case I did end up tagging along with her to Newcastle. I think I'm weird.

Instead after wandering out of Central I sat in the park admiring the birds for half an hour, then wandered around Pitt Street and assorted shops around there (Red Eye Records, HMV). I picked up "Birdy" and "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - Special Extended Edition" on DVD from the latter. I also found another copy of Three Point Tilt's EP. Maybe I should buy them all ... hmm, nah. :D That'd just be silly and deprive someone of good music.
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