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Back in Brisbane

Well, I'm back "home". Actually, for the first 12 hours, it didn't feel like home at all. Last night it felt very surreal being back in Brisbane after a five week stay in Sydney.

My cat was very happy to see me, although he also looked puzzled, and it seems that he was happy because he could now bug me again. :p I let him sleep on my bed last night but my bed felt very uncomfortable and I tossed and turned all night. :/ The mattress is too hard and it feels odd sleeping half a metre off the floor instead of about 10 centimetres.

The shower here is dreadful, too. It feels like showering under a hose. :p I'll definitely have to replace the showerhead sometime today.

I don't know whether this is good or bad but I seem to have settled down a bit now. Probably because I've spent all morning on my computer. :p (I need a bigger monitor too.)

Of course it's not to say that I haven't dropped completely into my old habits. I did assimilate some new habits while I was away.

It's so weird being in a bedroom with furniture. :p I actually liked my minimalist existence in Sydney.

It's raining here, which isn't much change from Sydney. It's kinda ... muggy, too, and a little too warm.

It was also weird driving around a suburb on the way home. Houses, not units! I'm going to miss the Randwick Ritz cinemas too. :/

I wonder how hard it's going to be keeping in shape back home. There's too much food and soft drink here. :p And they don't have any Nutrigrain either.

I should drop by Casa Dilphenstein and get a few tasks out of the way in case I get whisked back to Sydney. I might only be here a week! *hope*
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