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Return to Casa Dilphenstein (dropoff, .hack//SIGN DVD, Cold Rock, firewalled)

As I'd intended I finally got to catch up with b_dingo, shivwuffy and dilph at Casa Dilphenstein this week, specifically yesterday. I dropped off an as-new CD-ROM drive for Bingo, who badly needed it.

Wuffy, Bingo and I sat down to watch the first episode of .hack//SIGN on DVD (Wuffy had recently acquired the first boxset - I'll have to steal that at some point;). I prefer the Japanese voices over the American actors'. They just don't sound quite right and the dialogue doesn't ring true either. During which, Dilph head out the door for work, so I got to see him for all of 30 seconds or so, although he did add in his pitch about the router, which needed fixing and I did intend to fix.

Bingo had some stuff to do at Indooroopilly (which later turned out not to be the case, but that's beside the point) so we caught the train to the shopping centre there. We wandered up and down the centre stopping off at a couple of art supplies shops, avoiding the several cafes and candy stores displaying chocolate (including one very tempting and pricey slice of Bundaberg rum and chocolate cheese cake!), and amusing ourselves in a traditional games store for several minutes, before finally succumbing to the lure of sugary goodness and headed down to the Cold Rock for icecream. :9 Mmmmm...choc chip icecream with M&Ms mixed in and smothered in chocolate fudge sauce.... *droool*

I decided to attempt to fix the router when we got back. I'd been messing with iptables under linux for the sysadmin job I've been doing up here in Brisbane so I figured I had a pretty good shot at fixing it. Although to be honest I had no idea how to implement NAT. I asked Kreggan for assistance first and then archai offered to help. Since both of us only had experience setting up ipchains under the 2.4 kernel we decided to compile a new kernel for the router.

It took a while to compile so while I was waiting I ducked out for dinner. Chicken strips and slimy chips...MMMmm! Gravy goodness. :>

Anyway, I rebooted with the new kernel and of course it didn't work because I didn't have the ethernet modules compiled and I didn't have the source to compile them myself. :P I booted back into the old kernel and tried to jump back onto IRC to ask Archai nicely if he could send me the modules I needed. Unfortunately, the firewall rules had been reset and all my terminals were getting spammed with blocked packet messages. :p

Half an hour later I finally disabled the culprit: the dshield chain. I decided to test on Dilph's machine to see if that made any difference and voila! Internet access! :D

I told Bingo it was working again so we mucked around a bit to get his machine online, eventually copying settings from Dilph's box to get it up. Once we did that everything worked! Yay! He was very happy. :> Understandably so! It'd drive me crazy being without 'net access for the better part of a week and yet the next computer over being on the 'net just fine. :p

dshield's purpose is to block access from known culprits and commonly spoofed addresses. Unfortunately, it was blocking legitimate traffic as well! I guess someone (in particular) was just being overly paranoid. Anyway, the short of it is that it all works again and everyone's happy. Except probably Stephen, who was supposed to have fixed it on Monday. *shrug*

On my way home I stopped off in the city for half an hour and caught up with Dilph at work, found out what's going down lately and generally hanged out. It was great finally catching up with my friends again. :>
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