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I dream of genie

I surprised Kelvin today by actually waiting out the front for my ride, as opposed to being in the midst of getting ready and making them wait an extra minute or two. Then again, they did arrive at about 20-past, when I was ready by 10-to (and they're supposed to show up around 10ish.)

Ken (who plays the minotaur) wasn't home when we stopped by his place, as Kelvin had anticipated. Ken was off playing in some golf tournament. Bastid.

On the way over to Fenelon's place, Kelvin was saying to us that he was going to make an effort to keep the level of conversation above the gutter, since with Dilph's reputation we would not get anything done with both of them firing their cannons, so to speak. Of course, even on the drive over we couldn't manage that!

We picked up from the end of our training in the outpost town. An old minotaur suddenly showed up in town, spotted Ken's minotaur character and they retired to the tavern to catch up on old times. (Cheap way of pulling Ken's character out of play but I wasn't going to complain. Had to be done somehow.)

About three hours out of town, in the midst of heavy snowfall, we were attacked by five harpies. They tried to enchant us with their song but to us it sounded like an out of tune choir practice. I blasted off the hand of one of them with one of my custom magic missiles, and finished off two with a second round of attacks. Basically, we kicked butt.

Searched the corpses and they had 10,000 copper pieces. GAH! :p Apparently, 10k cp weighs 10lb. No wonder the harpies had so much trouble flying! They had some other coinage on them too, and as we were looting their corpses, we were set upon by four winter wolves. If you've played Baldur's Gate you'd know that they have a fairly nasty breath weapon. Dilph had a smart idea and cast globe of invulnerability which, after some hindsight, saved the party some hurt. We killed those as well but it did cause some injury to the party. Blah.

In the stomachs of one of them, we found a necklace with a pendant shaped like a fist. The dwarf bravely (foolishly?) donned it and it made his armour glow green. It also changed his alignment to Lawful Good (from CG). He screamed a lot too. Can't recall what the other effect was, but he had difficulty removing it. Dilph trudged up to him whilst the rest of us were taking cover. This is where things started getting weeeiiirrrd!

As Dilph tried to remove the necklace from Ralfalfa's neck, it unlatched itself and then wound around Dilph's wrist, shrinking to the size of a bracelet. Have you seen Galaxy Quest? Where the people get covered in this goo-like substance and then rocket off into space? Well that's precisely what happened to Dilph. It turned his hair silvery-white as well, which admittedly is not a bad look for a sorceror. He shot off into orbit, flew through a comet's tail, went around the Sun and flew back through the comet (ass-first), then landed on an alien spacecraft. There was a blue-skinned, almond-eyed, antennaed alien. He asked Dilph to use the charges in his staff to refuel their ship, apparently.

At about that point we took a break for lunch. We went to a fish and chip shop for burgers. The sad part is that the meat patties were thin and only about 2" diameter. Not too bad, taste-wise and health-wise, but definitely a rip-off at $3.50. The quantity of chips we ordered was only about a serving's worth. We're not going back there again.

(Let's see if I can wrap this up before I fall over in exhaustion.)

Turned out that Dilph's staff actually drains a level for every twenty spells that it is recharged with, so he lost one and nearly lost a second (made his saving throw). Anyway, he finally returned to the party with news that we had to "summon a pit fiend" to defeat the foe that we must conquer. He also told us about the blue-skinned man, and Ralfalfa thought he was crazy, talking about some blue ant-person and silver cigars that flew. A short time later, we saw the spacecraft crash spectacularly (like the Enterprise-D crash in Star Trek Generations) into the mountain that we had been at previously... all except Ralfalfa, that is, who was knocked flat on his face by the shockwave. Naturally, he STILL did not believe us! This lead to some amusing roleplay.

We set up camp for the night, and during Ralfalfa's watch an alien probe came into the camp and made the "all hail" noise from Star Trek (it was a communications probe). Ralfalfa saw it as a threat ("it invaded our camp and issued a battle cry!") and when his arrow had no effect on it, he summoned a D'Jinn from a special ring he had in his possession. The D'Jinn scored a critical hit and split the device in two! Congratulations, the dwarf managed to aid in the destruction of a critical plot device. ;P By this point, the rest of the party had managed to wake up, and we discussed what had happened. I asked to look closer at the device, and found a manufacturer's stamp on it. :D It had the maker and serial number, followed by "Spelljammer craft, Cmdr George" on it. There was an arc of electricity and part of an audio message followed... "...Help! Help us! We have crash-landed and need help urgently!" Again, Ralfalfa didn't believe this was true (he couldn't read the label himself) so we dropped the matter.

During my watch, the shuttle that I mentioned in my last journal entry landed. Out came the commander of that vessel, and he had a few words of irritation to say to me. Ralfalfa somehow managed to wake during this discussion, panicked and started attacking the commander. I cast a Grease spell to try and slip him up, and he went sliding into the shielding around the ship, then rebounded tens of metres! He was in a berzerk state of mind and summoned his D'Jinn again - but this time it was the *father* of the last D'Jinn. He thoroughly ZAPPED the craft with a bolt of magic from his axe, which crippled the craft's shields. Ralfalfa realised his folly and sent the D'Jinn away again, much to the D'Jinn's annoyance.

We had a further discussion with the craft's commander, decided that it was in our mutual interest to meet up with Felix, the aquatic elf who had hired us. The craft would return in the morning to pick us up. That's where the last hour of play comes in. We were picked up again and Ralfalfa demanded compensation for his lost armour, so was given a special jumpsuit. There happened to be a horde of 500 skeletons in the area, so he was beamed down into the midst of it. The session sucked from that point onwards but it was already after 6pm.
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