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Tin Can Bay

I went back to sleep shortly after writing the previous entry. Got up 8ish or so. The family drove to Tin Can Bay mostly because Mum wanted to see the dolphins.

Well, there weren't any dolphins there, surprise surprise. Not at 9 o'clock. Apparently we should've been there about 7:30. I bet they get fed and then bugger off.

If you're not into golf, bowls or fishing then the best activity to do in Tin Can Bay is to just leave, which is what we did after a stopoff at the information centre (where we got our info, all right!) and a quick stop at the local fish market for some oyster (blech!).

We did see some pelicans this morning (instead of dolphins) so that could be my art homework for today. And lots of crabs in the mud flats. I got to drive the Commodore along the 25 km back to Rainbow Beach too. Whee! Highway driving is fun!
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