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Fraser Island mini-report

At the risk of never completing this entry I'm going to attempt to summarise yesterday's trip in a single paragraph1 and then elaborate on it2, rather than my usual method of recounting events in chronological order and with excessive detail.

We assembled for the four-wheel drive bus tour just before 8. When two latecomers didn't show we made our way up along the northern part of Rainbow Beach to Inskip Point where teh vehicular ferry took us across to world heritage listed Fraser Island. I spotted a raptor over the straight that we'd just crossed but I couldn't identify it (osprey, at a guess, although I also thought it might've been that immature Brahminy).

The bus drove along Seventy-Five Mile Beach to the resort town of Eurong Village, where we stopped for morning tea. Our second stop was Lake B where we took a swim. My watch played up while I was swimming and finally stopped working.

Next it was off to the old forestry village of Central Station where we went for a relatively quick bushwalk and saw the invisible creek, with water so incredibly clear and pure. The subtropical rainforest there was very scenic and even more amazing considering that the island is completely sand.

The tour came back to Eurong Village for lunch. I wandered out onto the surf beach and watched an osprey fly past and a raven poke about in the sand while some lucky folks on the tour went on a 20 minute flight in a Gippsland GA-8 aircraft for an aerial view of the island.3 As I was returning to the village I spotted a mangy-looking dingo. I tried to get a photo of it but the shutter wasn't open properly and all I got in the end was a tail shot of it.

On the way back the driver parked the bus so that we could watch a white-bellied sea eagle go fishing. We had the last laugh as another tour bus got bogged in the soft sand right in front of the ferry to take us back to the mainland.


  1. What could be a single paragraph. Instead I'm going to break it up for readability purposes.
  2. Or maybe not.
  3. I'll definitely take the flight next time I visit Fraser Island.
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