Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Rainbow Beach journal

I've just finished typing up 4,600 words or 17 pages of journal entries that I wrote while I was at Rainbow Beach. :> (Admittedly this is far less than the 13,340 words I'd have had to write if I was participating in NaNoWriMo.)

All the entries are backdated so you can either start here and keep hitting "next" at the top of the page (recommended) or follow the links below (some entries may not work or are missing from the following list). There is of course calender view or going through the entries backwards on my journal page.

Rainbow Beach trip breakdown
Weird dreams
Day one at Rainbow Beach
Perching kites
Bad pun + mini rant about bottles in fridges
The height of fear
Tin Can Bay
An afternoon with Jeff (pool, new hat, sand dune sequel) (Footnote)
Student film idea
Fraser Island mini-report
Beach walk

Plus I did get some use out of my sketchbook this week.

These are the only two (out of four) sketches I'm game to post here.

White-Bellied Scribble Eagle (also posted on DeviantArt).

A kookaburra sketch.
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