Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

I start classes again tomorrow. Wheefun. I have a 9-10, a 10-12 and a 2-4. I really need to get some sleep. :P My computer's crashing a fair bit, which sucks. Need to figure out what's wrong with it. Seems to be okay atm though. Lots of things have happened since Wednesday and I want to get it all in here but don't have the time. Anyway, briefly:

* Market day @ Uni. Signed up to games society and engineering society.
* Received care package from Takena. WOOO!!!!!! :D :D
* Had trouble installing PC.

* Got PC running with Takena's help. :> Named it Aerie.
* Fubared install of Win2k SP2. Crashed OS. :(
* Went insane.

* F***ed around with computer all morning to get it working. Eventually did with Takena and Skan's help. (Stupid boot.ini)
* Reinstalled programs.

* First Games Society meeting of the year.
* Played Britannia. Ate pizza. Got asswiped in Britannia. :P
* Went home. Fiddled with PC. Chirped online.

* Figured out something was suss with Aerie.
* D&D - first session with b_dingo.
* No luck with Aerie. Looked at timetable. Got Tuesdays off. :>
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