Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

First day of Sem 1, 2002

I survived the first day back to classes for this year. My timetable said I had a 9am start but I'm glad I decided it was wrong, because I checked the room when I arrived - it was tiny and empty, and obviously an error. Read more for timetable fun, swipe card madness and the hunt for DP...

Come to think of it, the reason it'd be timetabled for a tiny room is because of my course code - there'd only be a handful of Software Engineer students taking their thesis this year, as opposed to the proper contact room containing all EE/CSE/SE thesis students.

10am - noon was my "Digital Design I" lecture. After hastily purchasing an exercise book, I arrived to find some Architecture students milling about outside, complaining about some IT students double-booked for the room. Fortunately, I had checked SI-net the night before so I knew I was in the right room. ;) I told them I was there for Digital Design, shrugged and went inside. While I waited for the lecturer, Issac (student who I worked with for the Robotics soccer prac last semester) spotted me and sat down. We had a bit of a chat. The lecturer arrived and started. He cracked a few jokes but I can't remember what they were. He's originally from Sweden. The course apparently doesn't require much Electrical knowledge at all (IT students could take this course!!), so I should be able to cruise through it. ;) Sounds like it's at the level of a course I took way way back in second year. I did pretty well in that. This course will teach VHDL and have some emphasis on FPGAs, since the lecturer is biased. Sounds like fun!

Noon - 2pm I took my break and went down to the computer lab in GP South 109. My swipe card still worked and so did my password (although I used my default password for all last year and the passwords were reset to the same default this semester). I soon found mention on the school's homepage that they were enforcing fees on the swipe cards. GAH!! $35 for a card they've already supplied me with! Bastards! Ahhh well. I'll get $20 back at the end of the year and it's not like I'm paying for it personally. ;)

2pm - 4pm, Information Security. I was considering dropping this course because I only need to take four courses this semester (I'm enrolled in five), but the subject material looks very interesting ... despite the fact that I fell asleep for the last fifteen minutes of the first hour. :P During the ten minute break, I dashed off to get some caffeine into my system. First stop, the vending machines outside the lecture theatre. No luck there (only pissweak Coke). Next to the Physiol refec. Just Jolt there. On to the Biol refec, and only five minutes left of the break. GRRRRR! More Jolt, some of those energy drinks. Only regular Jolt, mind. *sigh* I crossed the campus to the Main Refectory, since they have the most fridges of any shop on campus. Oh... I stopped by the lolly shop on the way over, since I think I bought a Dr Pepper from them once. They didn't sell that anymore. Okay, last stop: Refec. Again, no DP for sale there. Dammit!!! I guess I just can't get a DP anywhere on campus. :P I guess it figures...Americans don't like Lift, we don't like DP. Just something that we grow up with, I guess. So I settled for an Ice Break (cold coffee-injected milk drink), and I was already five minutes late for the second half of the lecture. I didn't fall asleep though. WOOOO! :D There were some jokes in the Info Sec lecture about how the course teaches security holes but we're not allowed to exploit them (i.e. it's not an excuse to go hacking!).

Went home after the lecture (finished around 2:25). Hmm. Can't remember what I did then. :P Played around on the computer, installed NFS3, crashed the PC, cleaned the contacts on the DIMM with an eraser like Tak suggested...rebooted, chatted on #Feathers, started the GoldMemory test (50% checked at 2h53m as of 12:50am and still no errors...woo), and here I am. G'night.
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