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Christmas '03

Well, Christmas is over for another year (in this part of the world, anyway :p ) so I guess it's time to wrap it up. :>

I woke up phenomenally early (5am, anyone?) and crawled online as I usually do. ;> Got to chirp with dougydawg, who'd apparently come home from work to find a sleeping redtailed. Anyway, I wished him and takenahawk well on their camping trip. :>

Then I opened iolarnula's card. Yay! That really brightened me up and put me in the Christmas spirit. :>

Had some chocolate and Nutrigrain for breakfast. Mmm, chocolate.

timwi asked for one of my LJ coupons, so I gave it to him and he renewed my paid account for two months! Yay! *winghuggles to Timwi!*

The family gave me a Pulsar watch for Christmas. :> It's one that I'd picked out. Has a dual analogue/digital face.

Lunch was DELISH! Dad cooked us a turkey. We had a leg of smoked ham, plus a whole bunch of salads, and Brut Reserve Special Cuvée wine. Mm, 12.5%. :P

Groggy on wine and tryptophan I retired to my room where I got some quality Mucking in and a short nap.

I was also given a power supply by Dad ... er, last night. Anyway, this arvo I started rebuilding Aerie. :D I gave up when the BIOS gave me a keyboard error. :P I still need to plug in the K6-2 processor but I'll wait until I can figure out what the deal with the keyboard is.

Dinner was about the same as lunch, but in smaller quantities. ;>

I jumped onto 3K Mud, which I haven't done in a while. Got to talking with Edward. Arranged a lift to LOTR tomorrow. :D He also sorted out what eq I should buy for my D&D character. ;> Mm, 23 AC.

I think that's about it. I've been connected on FurryMUCK for almost 18 hours now! (Just five minutes shy.) Go me. ;>

Return of the King tomorrow!! (I wonder what I should do with my spare ticket.)
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