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License to wedgie

I passed my driving test first go. :>

I got a driving examiner called "Irish" Joe (he was born in Sydney but spent 15 years in Ireland and now he can't get rid of his accent). I was driving along really well until some traffic lights on Logan Road where I turned left and two lanes merged into one. I was driving 25 when I should've been doing 60. Eek. :/ Heh. I had a look in the rearview and the elderly driver behind me didn't look too happy.

When we got back, Joe gave me a big lecture about how I need to get up to speed. Oh, and I didn't park straight and I was about a foot from a big concrete girder but I was still between the lines. That's all my instructor said that really mattered.

But bugger it. I got my license! Wheeee!
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