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23 hour blackout, D&D rant and bowling

Time to LJupdate! I'd been offline for more than 24 hours but I doubt anyone even noticed. :P A fair bit happened here and I've at times been lax about recording this kinda stuff, but here goes.

On a slight tangent, my dad's got time off this week and the parents went up to the Sunshine Coast for three days. I only found out about this on Thursday. :P Great communication in my family. ;>

So anyway I had to go out on site to upgrade a server to Samba 3 (we'd been having incompatibility issues with the LDAP database with Samba TNG - whatever the heck that is) ... but ehehe ... I have no clue how to set up Samba, so I was really hoping for a painless upgrade otherwise it was screwed. Guess what happened? Go on. ;P

Since Dad had left earlier on Friday his coworker came around to pick me up. We went out on site, umm, blahblah. Spent four hours there because Samba 3 broke everything and I couldn't figure out why it was broken (the Win2k server said something about broken trusts). Meh. Going to have to go back out first thing Monday morning and see if I can fix it.

The problem is, I've never set up Samba for myself and tinkered around with it, and I sure as heck don't have, say, a book on Samba (because that's what it looks like you really need), so I poke through the database, and poke through the config files, and I really have no clue what's required to get a working system. Hence I can't track down the fault(s). I guess unless I can get a hold of some documentation tomorrow then there's going to be a lot of angry workers come Monday. :/

But what's really annoying is...

The Storm
While I was bashing my head against a broken server a really wicked storm swept over Brisbane and I was INSIDE THE ENTIRE TIME!!! I didn't get to see any of it! *pout* Much less catch it on camera. Sigh.

Not the storm, but this is a cool photo anyway. ;>

Something like 90,000 homes were blacked out, including my own. We lost power at about 4:15pm Friday, according to my brother, and it didn't come back on until 3:35pm Saturday. The biggest nuisance was potential spoilage of the food in the fridge. I ended up driving out to the servo to pick up some ice. The first place I tried didn't have any ice so I went down the road to the other service station (missed my turn and took a brief tour of the surrounding suburb - it's cool to do things like that;). They had plenty of ice! Yay! $3 for a 4 kg bag, though. Expensiveish! I only bought two.

Taken a couple of blocks from us. More photos...

Jumping backwards in time now, after being held up at work until almost 7pm, I got dropped off at home only to discover I couldn't find my keys, and all the power was out! Ack! I gave my brother a call (actually, I'd been called a couple times earlier and told what was happening). Rod came over to let me in. I grabbed all my stuff for D&D and spent five minutes searching for my keys, growing increasingly irate. Eventually Rod said he'd loan me his keys. And right then I found them right in my bag! DOH!

I hate fumbling in the dark.

Rod said he'd drive me over to Griffith Uni. The game wasn't held at Ed's place because he was afflicted by a blackout too.

On the way to GU I called my other brother, Jeff, up and asked if he wanted anything for dinner. He said he wanted a Big Mac meal so when we got to McD's drive through I ordered a chicken meal for myself and the Big Mac meal for Jeff. Rod said he'd "get something later", and I should've clicked that it meant he was coming back for food, but ... *sigh* Haven't been terribly perceptive this week. So as we were driving off, Rod asked why I had two drinks. *facepalm*

Eh. I suggested he could eat Jeff's burger now or something. Hehe. It was his problem now anyway. ;> Except I did pay for it myself ... Hrrrm.

Blah. Got to GU and managed to find the library without getting lost! Yay! I know my way around a campus I've only been to half a dozen times! :>

Gaming was ... eehhhhh. First time in a while that one of Ken's games has been ... one of Ken's games. :b

*deep breath*

Our campaign (cam-pain?) is to track down and recover some stolen magical items. One of those items was actually sold by the party fucktard fallen paladin (rogue) played incompetently as always by Darryn. Our only leads are:
  • The ring sold by Darryn was acquired by a dwarf with a limp named Mythos or Mythra or some variant thereof (our DM can't spell and he forgets names anyway). We can't find the dwarf as he was a passing traveller with no fixed address, and he didn't say where he was headed.
  • The other items were stolen from the local temple (razed to the ground in the last session) by a bunch of hobgoblins and kobolds. We have no idea where they are from because there's a bordering country not all that far from the town (relatively speaking - it's probably a hundred miles or so) and they could be from anywhere within that country. The only thing we have to go on is a set of tracks, and our DM is going by the rule that each day behind the trail we are increases the DC to follow the track by "x" amount.

Not very much to go on at all.

So the DM dropped a none-too-subtle hint at the start of the adventure by asking us, "Are you just going to leave town and follow the tracks?" To which some of the party decided to make some enquiries with the local thieves' guild. Of course, being the lawful good cleric (I actually temporarily held the post of town spiritual leader after the deaths of all the other clerics and paladins last session) I wanted nothing to do with this.

To cut a story short, the thieves' guild would provide us with information only if one of their members was released from prison for "a crime he didn't commit" (robbing the mayor's house). So (grudgingly, on my part) we investigated this to see if there was any substance to it. We found out that the last person this guy was with on the night of the robbery was an attractive lady who was also a newcomer to town.

We checked her out and it became apparent that she was a sorcerer. But we had no firm evidence tying her to the crime, so we couldn't figure out what the heck to do next. We tried searching her room and there was nothing. We tried playing a game of poker with her and asking questions under a Zone of Truth, but she thwarted that. The only reason we got a lead at all was because she levitated one of the ranger's arrows to her room while he was watching her window. She left a note saying "You're going to get screwed for what you've done" (or words to that effect). We alerted the town guards who scoped out ten likely targets for her robbery, and just managed to catch sight of her as she was leaving.

We picked up the pursuit and followed her for about a day. We came across a camp with tracks leading off and some guy who seemd a bit suspicious. He was glowing with magical aura and with Zone of Truth became even more suspicious. The sorceror turned herself invisible at that moment and we had a very frustrating battle of trying to kill her when we had no way of telling where she was. FFS!

At one point I got into an argument with Ken because he said "Oh, she wouldn't have fired a magic missile because that'd make her visible. She wouldn't be that stupid." I said, "Hold on, you've already done your action. You can't go back on that!" And he said, "Fine. If I can't go back on my action neither can you. Edward did blahblahblah..." I thought to myself, Fuck it, you've run a crap session tonight. I don't have to put up with this. I'm walking out. Heh. Unfortunately I needed one of these guys to drive me home so I kept my mouth shut.

We ended up killing her somehow so ... all's well that ends well? Ugh. :b

That was just ... *shakes head* Frustrating. I hate those sessions where you're always on the back foot and feel like everything's leading nowhere. Even worse when you've got no idea where to go next. And yet we still scraped out a victory? WTF??

Enough of that. Bleah.

I was just sitting around finishing up my chats for the night (in fact, I'd already finished them all), when Jeff came up and said they were going bowling. He asked if I wanted to join them, so I said sure.

Bowling itself was ... fun, to an extent, but we were all off our game, from the looks of things. I scored 92 in the first game (I came second behind a 108 or something like that), and tied with Rod for first in the second with 105. Dreadful scores. :>

The problem with the first game was the pair of shoes I had first were too big (even though they were a size smaller than the ones I originally asked for). The next frame I had shoes that were way too small (size 8) and cramped up my big toes. Yowch! The third pair of size 8's were an improvement, but still crampy. The fourth pair (size 9's) fit snugly around while still providing ample toe room. Yay!

I was bowling with a 12 pound ball. I actually prefer the 13-pounders, but they didn't have any at that alley. Stupid alley.

When we left, Rod got in the car and drove off without us. What a wanker. Worse, he came back with his headlights off. Yep, a real tosser alright. We really ribbed him for that one. So he said he wanted to go to McDonald's. When we pulled up there, he declared he was going to the McCafe for their coffee.
Ravi: "But their coffee is crap!"
Rod: "It's good shit but."
Jeff: "You like drinking shit?"
Me: "Well, if you're going to drink shit, it might as well be good shit."

...I guess you had to be there. ;>
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