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Ken's reprieve

It could have gone either way but I've decided to stay in Ken's D&D campaign for now.

As mentioned in a previous post (plus one from the week before), I've been getting fed up with how Ken's been running his D&D campaign. Considering I'm in two kickass campaigns (snowpony's and jagafeh's), it's started to make me wonder why I'm still in Ken's.

Well, fortunately tonight's game was a marked improvement on recent sessions. We still ended up with a deadend but we have a couple of leads to follow and we scored some loot out of it, so it's not too bad.

The party travelled from that mage's tower to Picton. Uneventful week's travel. We decided to scope out the market to see if we could find the trader "Tarlick the Fair", who supposedly was in possession of the ring we're looking for. We didn't spot him but our Fallen Paladin "Bartholomue" (I'll call him Barf) spotted the dwarf with the limp, "Mythos" or whatever his name is. Barf went up to talk to him was unsurprisingly a bumbling idiot. I stepped in and said "Is this man bothering you?" then lead Barf away so that the elven ranger, Caederus) could have a few words with the dwarf.

The dwarf told Caederus that the plot to capture the intelligent magical items was a conspiracy organised by the church of Vecna (or so he believed). He sent us to the priestess who had asked the dwarf to recover one of the items for her. The priestess was a worshipper of Vecna.

Cue dungeon crawl. The priestess turned out to be an Araneus (or whatever - brain too tired and too lazy to look it up) spider sorceror thingy, not a cleric. Killed her when she didn't provide any helpful information. Took her loot, which included a ring but not the one we were after.

Went back to town and ... ehh. Caederus spoke with the dwarf again, and agreed to let him go since he wasn't any further help.

Basically the leads we've got are the trade route that Tarlick followed and reports of "burned bodies" from an area about a month's travel to the north, which seems to coincide vaguely with Tarlick's travels.
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