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Saturday ramblings

I may be unemployed but funnily enough I haven't been sleeping in much. Today I broke noon (slept from 3am to 7am then 9:30 until almost 1pm). Stayed up last night after gaming so that I could write about it, then I mucked around online (pun not intended) until I couldn't stay awake any longer. Left my ... no, actually, I didn't leave my computer on. Woo.

Couldn't decide what to have for lunch so I had breakfast instead.

The Lion King is being released here on DVD in a couple of weeks. Yay! Er, even though I'm not a big TLK fan ... or a fan at all, to be honest. I've only seen it once and that was on video. Heh. I'm too self conscious to put the DVD on my bookshelf, so I'm not sure what I'd do with it if I did buy it. Stupid family. :p Maybe I won't get it after all.

I'd still like to buy Dog Soldiers on DVD when the price comes down from $35. :p

Stuff to do today
Don't have anything pressing that needs done. Umm...

Still need to burn the CDs I borrowed off Jaffa so that I can return them. And speaking of borrowed CDs, I still need to finish watching Chobits. I think I've had those discs for a year now. Ehh. I'll get around to it sometime ... eventually.

*looks around* Guess I could tidy up my room a little, but that won't take long.

Heh. In regards to that poll, "Artwork" seems to be winning so I guess I should get out my sketchbook this afternoon. I procrastinate far too much. ;> Never going to learn to draw better at this rate...

I wonder if FAC is happening tomorrow. Congrats to Whitewater for winning this round of furartxchange, by the way. :>

I need to draw myself some more user pics for LJ. Then again, they won't do any good when my account expires in a little over a week. (Need to sling some money at someone with a Paypal account, hehe.)
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