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Crest trim, watch strap and random angst

Time to stop writing silly comments in other peoples' journals and write my own entry. ;>

I'd booked a crest trim for first-thing today. "Adam's Hairdressing" in Toowong, a shopping centre one suburb away from campus. I got there about ten minutes early and I had decided to use the time by finding a watchmaker and having my watch strap replaced (it broke at the first D&D game at Kelvin's place in January). I found an engraver at Toowong Village and asked him. He said no, there was a watchmaker in the shop right opposite his. Doh!

I wandered up to the watchmaker counter and stumbled over my words.. "Umm, uhh, I need a new watch strap." The fairly young guy behind the counter quipped, "And we sell watch straps!" What a smart-ass. :D Actually, he was pretty friendly and showed me the best strap to get. "Don't buy these, these ones are crap. You probably want one of these..." I told him about a $5 discount voucher the university gave me. He already knew about it and told me several of "us" had come to him with those. Unfortunately, for some reason or another he couldn't honour them. He asked how much I was looking to spend. I said "25, 30." The strap was $32.90 and he let me have it for $30. I then said I had a haircut in a few minutes. He had the watch repaired in one. :> As he was cleaning it up, he said, "You know what you really need? A new watch." He told me he was joking, but fair enough I suppose. I've had this watch since 1991. This is its fifth strap now but it still has its original battery! I told Mum this and she suggested giving me a watch for a graduation present, which would be nice. Hopefully I'll have an analogue watch this time. Interesting fact: I learned to tell analogue time before learning digital.

AARGH! Fucking shit!! I missed ANOTHER bowling night! Me and my big mouth... I said at the last D&D game that I'd organise a game for tonight, but this morning I booked a couple of lanes for next Friday night! Grrrrr.

Dammit. There goes my mood. :P

Anyway. Blah. Got to the barber's on time. In fact I had to wait a few minutes. Wore my wedgie shirt today, and as I walked in, Adam said to me, "The Eagle has landed". I thought that was pretty cute. :D He told me about some eagle carving that his wife did. They're always friendly there. I got a good cut, too.

Also made it to my tutorial on time, so it was pretty good timing today. In another tutorial group for Software Process, the only class I failed last year. Whee. Got to do the whole damn thing again. *sigh* Ahh well. Serves me right for sitting on my ass for that class the first time around. Whilst we were standing around waiting for the tutor to show up, one of the students commented on a post I'd made to the newsgroup about the course "being important for software engineers" and "being very concerned", and he called me a weiner. :P Heh. I didn't want to get in trouble for calling the lecture material boring on the newsgroup. Bleah. It is important, it is boring as shit and it's no surprise that so many students walk out on the lectures (including myself), especially since the lecturer doesn't even speak clear English (she's Asian). And she only repeats what's on the Powerpoint slides anyway (which are dry bullet points too, making matters worse). It's no wonder I failed that class. Dammit.

Skipped out on the lecture to listen to my supervisor talk again and also hear a postgrad who has been doing work on FPGAs. That was fairly interesting, and worthwhile. He's from Germany, he has his own company and he also mentioned that the job market in Asia is excellent. Not that I have any aspirations to work there.
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