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Happy birthday Whitewater!

I'm sorry, but birthday scrollies are obligatory. ;>

Got home from work feeling a bit achey so what do I do? Tidy my room of course! :D Nice and vaccuumed. I mainly did it to clear up the pile of leather that had flaked off my old steel-capped boots. While I was at it I took the opportunity to rewire my Ethernet box thingy (I keep forgetting what they're called - you're supposed to use a crimping tool to wire them though). I also tidied up the wires at the back of my PC. They're all twisty-tied and everything now! :D

I was on time for work today. Bumped into Jaffa just before I got there. Heh. About an hour into it I got fed up with the way Serene was just scrunching up the foam bag and stuffing it into the box cos I had to untangle that mess five minutes later - every time. So I told her to fold it neatly and she grunted her acknowledgement. As I wandered back, Bingo said "I was wondering when you were going to do that." >.> I guess I let things slide a bit too long. I'm far too tolerant. I need to be more of a bastard. ;>

Took a ten minutes break at noon for lunch, then wandered back to see where Jaffa had disappeared to. He was sketching while the two Korean guys kept working. They had a pile of boxes stacking up ready to be packed away, so I helped them out for half an hour just because. One of them thanked me for my help as they left for lunch. I sat down for another five since I was getting exhausted. Jaffa gradually started up again and I chipped in a couple minutes later. Hence I only had a fifteen minute lunch break today. Workahawky! ;>

Getting kinda late now so I think I'll shower and head off to bed. I'll write up those other journal entries tomorrow night. I promise! ;>

(Boy my hands are achey.)
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