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So that's what a burnt clutch smells like

I got a call from my driving instructor yesterday asking if I wanted to go for a lesson before Saturday's test. Ummm...I have a test on Saturday? ovo Anyway, I said I'd go for a drive today.

Today went well except for a couple of things (heh, isn't that always the way with me?). I tried taking off in 3rd again. :p Stupid absentminded bird. And the instructor alerted me a second time that I was in 3rd when I stopped at some lights. I really need to get into the habit of whacking it into 1st when I stop.

When I tried taking off in 3rd I smoked the clutch. And smoked it again when I left it at friction point too long getting ready to take off from a hill start.

There's a couple of other gotchas with my driving, such as not advancing forward at the lights when I'm waiting to turn right, and not always being in the right gear. Other than that, I seem to be ironing out my old driving habits, which is a Good Thing. ;>

Off to work for a few hours!
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