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I didn't fail...

...but I didn't pass either. :p

When the instructor arrived to pick me up he said so far today all his students had failed, so already he wasn't having a good day. He was relying on me to pass so that this wouldn't be the first day he had no passing students.

I was driving pretty well again today. When we got to the driving centre we were early so we waited around in the carpark for a bit. There was already one student waiting and another one pulled up beside us. Uhoh.

My instructor called the driving school and asked to confirm that we were booked in. Then he disappeared inside to check the booking sheet. He came back out with the examiners. Guess whose cars they went to? :p

So someone's stuffed up royally. The problem is that the people that make the bookings are badly organised and while normally M from the driving school checks the bookings she must've failed to check this time. Who knows - I could have been booked in today out at Cleveland or Wynnum. :p And they took the booking fee, too!! Asshats!
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