Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

F***ed up again

Ken just phoned me. He wanted to know why I went behind his back two years ago when he was running a D&D campaign, instead of coming right out and saying that I had a problem with the way the game was being run. Seems to be a recurring theme here. I'm non-confrontational and I'd rather keep quiet than bring up problems I have with someone.

The reason he called me up is because he thinks I've just recently been doing the same thing with Darryn in our current gaming group. By the looks of things, Ken, Kim and Fenelon all disapprove with what I've done - that it should be brought to the attention of Darryn rather than whispers behind his back. That wasn't the point of my email. The point was to discuss (a) whether there was a genuine issue, (b) what course of action to take. Maybe I let my personal opinions get in the way.

The subtext of Ken's phone call just now was that I can't be trusted. I give people different stories instead of admitting the truth. It reminded me why I want to get the hell out of Brisbane when I graduate. I've fucked up here and just want to start anew someplace else.
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