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Driving test, take 2

Ironically, my test was with the same examiner that I took my automatic test with. I wasn't feeling too confident in the lesson just before my test. Screwed up with gears and I had trouble with a three point turn. Came in a bit too fast at a couple of intersections too...

So needless to say I was feeling worried before my test.

At the start of my test, I had it sitting in first and tried to start the car. My foot wasn't on the clutch. Oops. ;>

Second hiccup: I was telling the examiner how my brother decided to go for his manual license when I said I was going for mine, and he'd been having trouble with the gears. I turned right into a side street and I'd put it into 5th gear by mistake, so I popped it back into neutral and then struggled to get it into 3rd, all whilst going uphill. Doh! And I missed my left turn, too.

Went around the block and the examiner told me to try a reverse park. For my first couple of reverse parks today, with my instructor, I had parked too far out from the kerb, but this one was spot on. :> And I was reversing uphill, too! Go me. ;>

Third hiccup: Under the freeway on .. Marshell Road, I think it was ... I tried entering the intersection when it was congested, so if I'd stayed in that lane and stopped then I'd be obstructing traffic. I did the smart thing and changed into the empty lane, which forced me to turn right, but really what I should have done was not enter the intersection in the first place. Something to keep in mind in the future. :p The examiner thought to himself, "What's he doing? Oh don't spoil this drive." *facewing*

But hey, I passed! I'm sure glad that's over. AND I beat my brother to it. :D (I wonder how much learning to drive cost me, all up.)

It's neat that they replaced my license for free. I was expecting to have to pay $15. I guess that's something they haven't considered yet. ;>
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