Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

I should write more of these posts when I'm half asleep. The rambling is fun!

Woke up and found I'd missed Takena again. Worse, I was actually awake when she connected! :( My connection had died though and I didn't really check it as I staggered back to my bed and fell asleep again. I was horrendously tired and needed my sleep. I don't know why - I got plenty of sleep last night. A night on a foam mattress on a floor in a strange house just ain't the same as a night in one's own bed, as Dilph pointed out.

Today was ... interesting. Spent a second night in Dilph's house. Woke up to a phone call from Ken. He wanted to talk to Dilph mostly, he'd already covered a lot of the discussion with me. Heard from him that Kelvin had gone around Easter Sunday dropping off eggs (and later found mine waiting for me at home).

Blah. I still feel dead.
Passed out on Dilph's flatmate's bed around 12 while Dilph was on the computer chatting away. When I finally came around, Takena had already been online for half an hour and they didn't want to wake me. I didn't even think I /was/ asleep, although considering my thoughts at the time I probably was. Dilph said I was practically snoring. *shrug* Actually woke when Bingo showed up. We basically talked and watched a bit of TV; I chatted on IRC randomly and showed the other two interesting comments. We were planning on going to Roma St Parklands but it was raining. And the time slipped away like nothing. The three of us do seem to get along well together. We're all relatively quiet, have common interests and take pains not to step on toes. I'm still too quiet, even there, but I'll work on that eventually. It's not going to happen overnight. I can see it happening and I hope it does. T'would be cool.

Bingo dropped me off home early evening. Jumped online and despite how tired I was I tried to stay up to talk with Takena. Turned the sound up on my PC and lied down to catch a nap. Woke up at one point, checked everything, found my connection was flaking out and started a ping on one of the MUCK windows, it checked out okay so I staggered back to my bed. Grrarr! Woke up half an hour ago to find that my connection there had flaked out so I didn't hear the computer beep at me. What was worse was that at around the time I pinged the server, Takena connected to that MUCK. :( So I missed her entirely! That sucks. :/

I did need the sleep though so I'm sure she understands. And I'll see her again. I just dislike missing her unless I tell her in advance.
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