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tania wrote a cool post about the fireworks last night that sums it up well and I'm feeling lazy so go read hers instead. ;>

I do have a couple of things to add to her post. The F-111s finished the night with a "dump-and-burn" (where the jets dump their fuel and ignite it with their afterburners). I'm guessing they had their afterburners on for their initial flyover as well.

Of course the display wasn't quite over as the weather had decided to bring in a thunderstorm as well and there were quite a few ground strikes. :> Funky! And we ended up waiting about twenty minutes for the Goodwill Bridge to reopen ... and there certainly wasn't any goodwill as the police kept the crowd waiting in the rain whilst they cleaned the bridge up after the pyrotechnics. ;>

I managed to snag some photos too. I've also got a twenty second video of one of the dump-and-burns if anyone is interested.

My legs were killing me by the time I got home. >v< I walked 15km yesterday!
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