Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Fort Lytton

Today I decided to bugger off being online feeling sorry for myself and went out alone to "History Alive" at Fort Lytton (the last big reenactment event in Brisbane this year). I figured it'd probably be the last time I'd get to see Dilph at one, at any rate. Of course it was pointed out to me later that there's no way he'd miss Abbey next year. I suppose I should get off my feathery butt next year and go to that, since it's definitely the best of the three events. Heck -- maybe I'll be a member of The Company of the Phoenix or some other group next year. Who knows?

Anyway, Fort Lytton was an enjoyable afternoon out and if it wasn't already 11:30 I'd post a full recap and include some photos, but I'm going to procrastinate all that for tomorrow night (which probably means I'll never post what happened). Someone poke me tomorrow evening. :P

Good weekend, all up. I so love having a car that I can just disappear on an impulse. Well, it wasn't really an impulse as I had sort of planned on going, then decided I was too lazy, then decided I was being an idiot and should just go. I'm glad I did.

Edit: And I saw a sea eagle! It flew right overhead. :> But I didn't think to get a photo. :/ Not that it would have come out very well anyway. I need an SLR and a telephoto lens. *plots*
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