November 4th, 2007



I think this is going to be a long morning. Damn cat. Sunday mornings are for sleeping in, not getting up at 6am.

I bought a new hard drive yesterday to replace the one that failed. It's exactly the same model. I'm going to ship the broken one back to Western Digital and when I get the replacement I'll set up a RAID mirror in my NAS box. It'll mean next time a drive fails I won't have to spend all weekend rebuilding the damn thing. :p

I also bought a gigabit Ethernet switch. It was a good idea, except that my laptop has GbE but my desktop PC doesn't. It makes it annoying backing up the many gigabytes of data on it. Yeah, my desktop is overdue for an upgrade. I'm still not convinced I should build myself a gaming PC. I almost never used it for such.

Oh look - the cat's back and he's still whining for breakfast. Damn cat.
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The dice haven't killed me yet

In today's D20 Exalted session, Ghost shot the bunny girl, Mira, for scalping his kill; he spoke his mind to a Terrestrial Exalted queen without losing his head for it (or going berserk and killing a bunch of palace guards, for that matter); and he criticalled an Abyssal, killing it, right before it unleashed a nasty area of effect spell on the party.

Yeah...I think I played Ghost true to form today. It's also nice to unleash his first crit of the (admittedly short) campaign on a boss monster.