November 21st, 2007


Social nexus

And yes, it is true. Whyrl is in fact, the social nexus of brisvegas. It's official.

It's kinda freaky how most of my social network can be pinpointed to three or four encounters:
* I met Sebkha because I was browsing through a links page (anyone remember those?) on a furry's website and noticed a link to an address at my university. Through him I was introduced to the South Fur Lands crew (Marko and Jagafeh) and StephenQuoll.
* I met Dilph because I joined up to the university's games society, QUGS. That's also where I met the Bearded Orange (Fenelon) and Edward.
* I bumped into Bingo on FurryMuck one night and was completely amazed that there was an Australian playing a dingo! When he moved up to Qld I invited him along to our roleplaying group. Bingo and Dilph sat next to each other outside Pizza Hut for maybe 15-20 minutes before I showed up and introduced them to each other. XD
* I'm not sure how much credit I get for introduced Tania to the scene, but I did email her several years ago trying to bring her into it and it wasn't for another couple of years that she finally did.

If you connect all the dots then that's a heck of a lot of people.

Edit: Oh, and I also created the brisfurs community. I'm sure that counts for something too.


This morning I got two reps of 80kg (176lb) out on bench press. Yay! Also, there was this chick in bike pants taking a long drink in front of me when I was using the rower machine. Hurr.

P.S. Curse you, JB Hi Fi Online!
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There's too much wax in my ears! Maybe that's why I have trouble hearing sometimes. :p

I have Battlestar Galactica season 3! Hooray! There were only two copies left at JB.