November 24th, 2007


The Gryphon Party

Because I can't be assed doing up a flyer, here are the reasons you should vote for The Gryphon Party:

  • Taxation All taxes on consumer electronics, audio/visual and books will be scrapped.
  • Climate change TGP will ratify the Toyota Protocol. Oh what a feeling.
  • Immigration All quotas on skilled workers will be dropped and tax incentives will be provided to immigrants and employers. We need you to come to Australia and fix up this country!
  • Deportation All stupid Australians will be deported to America (they won't even notice).
  • Health Free gym membership for all! Vote for a buff Australia.
  • Education Your first degree is free. Furthermore, any Australians with a past HECS debt will be reimbursed for their first degree.
  • Dragons Dragons will be deported. Any dragons permitted to stay will be radio collared and tracked by the new ADWC (Australian Dragon Watch Commission). Any dragons putting a foot out of line will be shot and/or forced to watch Australian Idol.
  • Gryphons Gryphon harems will be legalised. A happy government is a happy nation.

Don't be terrorised by One Dragon Party! Vote for a dragon free Australia! Vote [1] The Gryphon Party!

Authorised by The Gryphon Party, Brisbane. Contact whyrl for further information. Send complaints/death threats to brisdrake.