December 5th, 2007


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I hate it when I somehow manage to switch off my alarm without even waking up. Ah well. I only slept in by 10 minutes.

Why do I have "My Sharona" looping in my head?

NZ trip - Day 1: Auckland/Whangarei

The flight from Brisbane to Auckland was fairly uneventful. I think it's one of the smoothest trans-Tasman flights I've experienced. We flew in a 777-300. I've decided that Emirates = win. Well priced fares and good service. We also landed at a decent time: 2:15pm.

Bought a sim card and picked up a rental car. If I knew what my phone number was I'd post it here. :P

It's been raining almost non stop since we landed. I haven't even touched my camera yet. Admittedly it was getting dark by the time we arrived in Whangarei.

We got stuck in Auckland traffic for 90 minutes. Grr. I was expecting it to be bad but not that bad. We didn't get here until 8pm.

Whangarei's changed a lot more in 13 years than I was expecting. Some of it I recognise and some of it I don't. There are buildings where I don't remember them being there. Some places haven't changed, like ... well, a couple of supermarkets and a few service stations.

The house I grew up in is almost unrecognisable. The trees have grown huge and they've put up a new fence. The street looks quite different.

Had dinner at Hell's Pizza. Hooray!

Drat. The wifi network I'd connected to earlier seems to have disappeared. Guess I'll just post this tomorrow.