January 7th, 2008


Daily photo: wow I'm bored (WoW: The Board Game)

WoW: The Board Game

World of Warcraft: The Board Game. We were supposed to show up at jagafeh's place at 9am. dilph and I didn't arrive until 10am. We started play at 11:30am and had to skip the last quarter of the turns to wrap up at 4pm due to dilph needing to be at the airport by 5pm. It's a cool game when it's actually your turn, but I spent roughly 2/3rds of the day sitting on my laptop waiting for other people to have their turns. On the plus side, dilph, iceleron and myself were playing the Horde and we kicked ass! :D

After hearing Dilph talk about WoW (the computer game), it sounds like a complete waste of time. (Add to that my Addiction flaw which gives me a -10 to Will saves vs any current addiction and there's no way I'm ever touching WoW.) I think I'd much rather spend that time acquiring a useful skill, such as playing guitar. Levelling self up FTW!