January 17th, 2008



Ever get the feeling you've just crawled out from under a rock? Everyone's talking about this movie that supposedly opens here today called Cloverfield. I'd never even heard of it until yesterday. The Wikipedia entry for it mentions that it uses viral marketing tactics. That probably means it's a steaming pile of movie crap if they can't market it on its merits.

Hmm, I was going to say I can't find any reviews of it, but Rotten Tomatoes has 9 reviews up now for Cloverfield.

Ahahaha. The review synopses are amusing.

Think Blair Witch meets Godzilla, and since that isn't the first or last time you'll read that comparison, think of a movie that results in something less profound. --Michael Ferraro

That doesn't sound promising.

'Cloverfield' is simply a clever, albeit derivative, spin on a very predictable genre, and as such its easy to indulge in if you go with the inherit silliness. --Garth Franklin

Yay, Garth Franklin!

Note to self: get drunk before watching film.
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Spewing in the clover fields

I walked out of Cloverfield after only ten minutes of that tripe. Shooting a movie entirely with a handheld camera is like a chef taking a dump on your plate. I'm not going to eat that shit.

On the plus side, I got my $7.90 back. :D

I walked out an hour ago and I still feel nauseous.
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