August 9th, 2008


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Dammit, going to have to skip group training today.

This might sound crazy, but I've got a weekly D&D game scheduled on Friday nights followed by group training with some people from the gym at 8am Saturday mornings. The biggest problem is getting enough sleep between the two. If I can get away from D&D at about 11pm then I can catch the 11:30 bus home (the next and last one is at 12:15, which is much too late). The alternative is to catch a taxi home, which is what I did last night.

The game last night was running pretty late and I didn't want to leave because it's a fairly major plot point (we're finally going to get Jones, hurrah!), so I decided to stay as late as I could. Unfortunately, the taxi took its sweet time arriving so I got home just before 1am and didn't get to sleep for another half hour, so I've only had 5 hours of sleep and I can feel it. I'm having difficulty keeping my eyelids open, which is unusual for me in the morning once I'm out of bed.

I've decided to skip today's group training session and head back to bed. If I'm tired, there's a risk I could injure myself running, jumping and crawling around the parklands. Also, I really don't want to fall asleep during Exalted.

I'm not annoyed, just a little disappointed, and mostly tired.
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