August 28th, 2008


Thoughts on the 3G iPhone

For the record, I wouldn't recommend the iPhone if:
  • You spend a lot of time away from a power point.
  • You make more than 3 phone calls a day.
  • You live in Australia and are with Optus (their 3G network is patchy and slow).
  • You rely on your mobile for your livelihood.

For me personally, having an iPhone is win for the following reasons:
  • I can check my email from anywhere (not that I need to, but it's cool anyway), even in the middle of Northern NSW. ;>
  • I can chat on IM as long as I'm not busy at work or asleep. :p
  • I can Google anywhere.
  • It's no longer painful to conduct a conversation over SMS.
  • I carry my music library everywhere I go (and I don't need to cart around a separate iPod!).
  • I has a Shiny (lame, but I am a shiny obsessed geek).