December 25th, 2008


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All this getting up early has set my bio clock to a 5am wake up time. Oops. I need a packet of gummi or sour worms.

I woke up wanting a slice of banana cake with mango icing (frosting). That sounds really good. I guess you could make the icing with mango concentrate.

Lorikeet time! Yay!

Aha. The bottle of vodka on the table out here on the back deck explains why my brothers where being loud and giggly last night. I wanted to kill them. Mind you I was trying to go to bed at 10pm. I'm such a scrooge.

We got approved for a lease! Peta called me yesterday just before I got to work to tell me the awesome news. :D The real estate wanted us to sign the lease yesterday. Peta impressed upon them how impossible that was given she's currently in NSW. They agreed that we could sign the lease on Monday when their office opens again. Hooray!

No, I don't have photos of the house. I took my camera along but I couldn't be bothered using it. Plus it was still occupied and all the curtains were drawn, so the photos would have sucked anyway. I'll get photos after we get the keys next month.

I'm so not in the mood for people today. I want to spend it on my own. Well, alone with animals anyway. Timmy seems to be in a good mood this morning!

Bored now. What the heck is there to do at 5 in the morning? The sun isn't even up yet!
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SMS request

If you're sending out Christmas/New Years/whatever text messages, PLEASE sign them! I always end up with a bunch of SMSes from people that aren't in my address book so I have no clue who sent them.

Edit: Okay, so far I've figured out who's sent me messages today. XD

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Why do the things that make us feel great also make us feel terrible?

I'm not sure if it's the chocolate, the wine, or the dehydration, but I have a terrible headache. I took a shower and feel marginally better for it, but owww.

It may only be 27C but it's still too damn hot and muggy.