January 1st, 2009


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I just pulled a tick off my chin. O_O My chin stings and aches now. The dog here had a tick removed yesterday too.
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Yesterday started out pretty damn lazy. I woke up at around .... 8ish? Peta and I basically spent the morning bludging. I read a Batman comic that I had brought with me.

Around noonish, Peta decided to make my banana cake with mango icing. I kept threatening to sneak off with the whipped butter and sugar mixture. We had to wait for the oven to preheat so we took the dog down to the dam to throw her in.

I forgot to mention that we found a tick on the dog. Peta slopped some insect repellent on it until her parents got back home to take a look at it.

When we returned from the dam, her parents had returned. Her mum had put the cake in the oven and fiddled with the temperature, much to Peta's annoyance. We managed to hold Grace down and removed the tick from her.

We had to wait for the cake to cool so we took a drive to Lennox Head for lunch. I refused to drive despite Peta's insistance. I love driving but some days I just don't feel like it and sometimes it's good just to relax and be a passenger.

I had the best damn burger I'd eaten all year. :D Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, BBQ sauce, sprouts, on foccacia bread ... nooooom. The iced mocha was great too! XD The temperature was much more pleasant down by the beach. It was only about 31C instead of 34.

Peta iced the banana cake. Delicious! I had a good food idea! XD *dances*

Nom nom nom caaaake.

Uh, what?

Got a call shortly before dinner from a very distressed Rose. Her ex boyfriend Stephen had moved half his stuff out while she was at work and hadn't informed her that he was moving out. D: Peta and I spent the next half hour trying to find out what was going on. Thankfully we started some communication between the parties.

There was fireworks at Alstonville at 9pm. We made it with a few minutes to spare! I set my camera up on a tripod and we managed to get some awesome photos! We were actually positioned next to the car park off to one side from where the fireworks were being launched. Rose was talking to me over IM so I got Peta to hit the camera's shutter button for me. I ended up missing about half the fireworks display but that's okay. Yay photos!

Back at the house, we took some alcohol, some mozzie coils, and the dog down to the dam and got tipsy. XD We didn't drink enough to actually get "drunk", but I don't like drinking too much anyway. I did get snuggly and sleepy though. >_> By coincidence I looked at the time on my phone at 11:59, so we watched the clock tick over to 2009! Yay!

After another ten minutes of dozing off we got woken up by dogs barking so we staggered back up to the house.

I went to bed but stayed up chatting online. That's when I noticed the tick on my chin. D: I woke Peta up but she thought it was just a pimple. I managed to pull the tick off and put it on the counter. It started wiggling. D: "Uh, Peta! Pimples don't have wiggly legs!"

Aside from that, I managed to get a good night's sleep! My chin is still sore today.
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