January 21st, 2009


Centrelink fucking sucks

Augh! Motherfucking Centrelink!! I'm not even a customer and they're giving me grief! All I want to do is finish packing and get some sleep, but I have to fill out this damn form that basically says I'm not in a relationship with Peta, but it's 12 pages long, has 91 questions and it's completely inane! *stab stab stab*

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About to board the flight to Sydney. This is leg 1 of 3 to FC in San Jose. I've had about three hours of sleep. I have a gryphon head in my luggage. :D Made sure I'm sitting next to Rose on this flight. Daniel is here too. No sign of Stephen; he thought the flight was at 11 but it's at 9.

Blrrrg tired. Slightly nervous but I always do at airports. Mostly tired.

I may regret not packing any toiletries. >_> Already sweaty. Yuck.

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Whyrlybird reporting in from Sydney! Two seperate people picked up my bag before I did so I wrapped my bright blue strap around it and applied the TSA padlock.

Heehee, strap-on. *giggle*

Stephen is on a later flight here.
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Arrived in LA

Me: "Can I have a Gatorade please?"
Assistant: "What colour?"
*blank stare*

I'm in LA! Ewww. First impression: LA is fugly.

Second impression: Egad! My throat, it burrrrns!

Omnomnom coffee icecream.

First half of the flight from Sydney to LA was ... a trial of my patience. *eyetwitch* The guy sitting behind me kept kicking my seat, and every time I dozed off I woke myself up. Augh.

Daniel, Rose and I were seated near each other but not next to one another. (Stephen was in another section and we didn't see him all flight.) The flight was about half empty. Halfway through the flight I got fed up and sat next to Rose and managed to get some sleep. The company helped a lot.

Damn citrus trying to kill me. *mutter mutter*

"Deplane" is such a weird word.

The iPhone has a brilliant battery life if you switch off all the RF stuff and limit use of the screen.

I should probably get some US currency. And a US mobile sim card.

P.S. Timezones are fucking stupid. Damn LiveJournal, I know I'm posting in the past! Go away.
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Marketing machine

American Coke has no flavour. Certainly none that I can ascertain, anyway. Aussie Coke is quite sweet and tasty. Why do Americans drink Coke? *confused*

ATC fail!

Brisbane Air Traffic Control's computers have crashed. We're sitting here on the Tarmac for 15-30 minutes while we wait for their system to reboot. This is incredibly reassuring. :p